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A Trumpet whose finger buttons resemble cricket wickets

Pay as you go

₹16,999 Per month when billed annually

Plus API Usage charges

API Request

Per 100 API Requests
Authentication API Per MonthFree
match Endpoints
Featured Matches API Per MonthFree
Match Overs Summary API Per Match ₹100
Match API Per Match ₹100
Match Via Push API Per Match ₹200
Match Ball-By-Ball API Per Match ₹100
Match Odds API Per Match ₹100
Match Live Odds API Per Match ₹200
association Endpoints
Association Featured Tournaments API Per Association Per MonthFree
Country List API Per MonthFree
Associations By Country API Per MonthFree
Associations List API Per MonthFree
tournament Endpoints
Tournament API Per TournamentFree
Tournament Tables API Per TournamentFree
Featured Tournaments API Per MonthFree
Tournament Featured Matches API Per TournamentFree
Tournament Fixtures API Per TournamentFree
Tournament Team API Per TournamentFree
Tournament Stats API Per TournamentFree
Tournament Player Stats API Per Tournament Player ₹10
fantasy Endpoints
Fantasy Match Points API Per Match ₹250
Fantasy Match Credits API Per Match ₹250
Fantasy Match Points Via Push API Per Match ₹350
grouped-tournament Endpoints
Grouped Tournament API Per Grouped Tournament Per Month ₹350
Grouped Tournament Stats API Per Grouped Tournament Per Month ₹350
Grouped Tournament Player Stats API Per Grouped Tournament Per Month ₹15
Volume Discounts

Discount on Match API, Fantasy Match Points API, Fantasy Match Credits API. Match Via Push API, Fantasy Match Points Via Push API.

10-30 Matches Per Month5%
31-50 Matches Per Month15%
51+ Matches Per Month25%
Active access tokens per project 500,000
Concurrent requests per access token 128
Unique accessible resources per month 6,000
Apps per Roanuz Project One
Access to retired players & teams
Access to completed matches & tournaments Up to 72 week
Attribution to Roanuz Sports Not required
Priority Business Support
Expert Integration Support
Dedicated Tech support channel on Slack
SLA Minimum committed use of ₹368,000
Data caching Up to 24 hours
Dedicated API domain
Access to Beta APIs
Custom APIs
Access to Internal monitoring tools
Usage anomaly detection
Data Push via AWS Event Bridge, AWS SQS
Data CSV push to AWS S3
Plans & PackagesRight from building proof-of-concept to enterprise sports application, we got you covered with every use case. Choose a Tournament or Association based plan to build an app for specific coverage while you can pay as you go to explore the true potential of Cricket API data.


₹17,669Per Month
  • Access 100 matches per month
  • Includes 150,000 API requests per month
  • Optimal for applications with live match scores, over summary, and tournament details.
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₹34,999Per Month
  • Access 200 matches per month
  • Includes 500,000 API requests per month
  • The perfect package to build fantasy applications, live score cards, over summary and tournament stats
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Business +

₹59,998Per Month
  • Unlimited match access per month
  • Includes 1,000,000 API requests per month
  • All-in-one package with complete access to Cricket API that includes live matches, stats, fantasy, news, graphs and a lot more!
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₹49,999For entire tournament
  • Full access to the Indian Premier League 2024 tournament
  • Maximize your app/website with live IPL data - scores, updates & player insights!
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₹49,999per tournament
  • Full access to the ICC Men's T20 WC 2024
  • Witness the clash of the cricketing nations in this ultimate tournament of champions

IPL Live and Historic Data (2012 - 2024)

₹149,999For complete season
Complete access to Indian Premier League Historic Data
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Pay as you go

Access to all tournaments, all matches, stats and all API. Also access to historical data with Enterprise plan. Pay only for what you use. This is most commonly used by our customers.

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