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The Fantasy Sports Market is set to grow by another 9.34 Billion USD by 2024.
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Intelligent Player Credits

Figuring out and implementing the logic for calculating Player credits is the most time-consuming task in building a Fantasy app. With Roanuz Cricket API, the responsibility of computing intelligent player credits is on our shoulders. AI-powered real-time player credits are now just an HTTP request away!

Fantasy Points as Push notifications

Tired of sending API requests and waiting for updates? With Roanuz Cricket API, get the fastest & real-time cricket fantasy match points updates of players delivered to your cricket fantasy application automatically via push notification methods such as Webhook/Websocket/Firebase.

Real-time Player points

With Roanuz Cricket API, players are awarded performance points instantly based on the events of the match. With this real-time data, you can calculate team points and update leaderboards instantly.

Edit Player credits anytime

When everyone likes having Dhoni in their team, why not spice things up by increasing his credit points? Do it now with the Fantasy Credits Editor. The Credits Editor allows you to edit the credit points required to add players to a Fantasy match team.

Fantasy Endpoints

Fantasy Match Points

Performance points for the players according to their performances in a specific match.

Fantasy Match Credits

The credit points required to add the players in a Fantasy team of a specific match.

Fantasy Match Points Via Push

Real-time Fantasy Match Points for the players for cricket fantasy matches delivered through Webhook, WebSocket & Firebase.

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