Fantasy Match Points via Push

Mockup of an app built using Fantasy Match Credits API

What can I build with it?

By using Cricket Fantasy Match Points via Push, you can get rid of the process of sending requests manually to our servers. You can instead have the Cricket Fantasy match points updates delivered automatically to your systems. This data can be used to create the real-time leader boards for Cricket Fantasy games.

Roanuz Fantasy Point System

Roanuz Cricket API provides the AI-powered Cricket Fantasy Point system, which is calculated based on the player's recent performance stats. The Fantasy Points can be customized based on your requirements. For a deeper understanding, visit the Cricket Fantasy Point System page powered by Roanuz.


The Fantasy Match Push data includes a list of performance metrics based on which the players are awarded points and an actual list of players along with the points they have earned in a match.


An in-depth documentation of all the API endpoints written for developers. Find guides on getting started, understanding data schema, authentication, caching & error handling.

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