Match via Push

Match via Push

Match via Push is our initiative to ensure the fastest data delivery. Whenever an event happens in a live cricket match, we update the data and deliver them automatically to your systems as push notifications. You can choose from Webhook, WebSocket and Firebase as your means to receive the updates.

How does it work?

The data that is available through the Match API is automatically delivered through push services to those who subscribe to the matches using the Match Subscribe API. You can choose to receive the data via Webhook, WebSocket or Firebase using the simple steps explained below.


When you subscribe to the Webhook method, the data will be automatically delivered to your prescribed Webhook URL. You can deploy a handler function at this URL to receive & handle the data at ease. Subscribe to the Webhook method


On subscribing to the WebSocket method, match data & updates are delivered to your systems in real-time through the WebSocket protocol. Subscribe to the WebSocket method


When you subscribe to the Firebase method for a match, data updates will be delivered to your Firebase Realtime Database in real-time. Subscribe to the Firebase method