Basketball API

Reliable basketball API for the NBA League. Get Complete season schedule, matches, points table, teams details, and other essential data of the NBA from Roanuz Sports.


Roanuz Basketball API focus exclusively on the NBA League. We provide exclusive coverage for the following rounds of the NBA 2020-21 season:
  1. NBA 2020-21 Regular
  2. NBA 2020-21 Playoff
  3. NBA 2020-21 Finals

Quality of the Coverage

To address the demands of both speed and reliability of data for a dynamic sport such as Basketball, we have come up with a novel solution. Our Basketball data coverage comes with two different levels of coverage quality. The first level provides faster, unverified data while the second level provides updates that are a little slower, but superior in quality. You can opt for the quality level of your choice while requesting for the Match API data.

1. Quality Level-I

The data you avail by opting for the Level-I quality is neither reviewed nor verified. They are provided to you as soon as the data is updated on our systems.

2. Quality Level-X

The data you avail by opting for Quality Level-X is promptly reviewed and are provided only after the data is approved by our Quality Assurance team. Because of the reviewal and approval time, updates in this coverage level tend to be slower than the Quality Level-I.

API Endpoints & Latency

The first version of Roanuz Basketball API comes with a considerably high latency. The scores are updated at the end of each quarter and are not updated in real-time as we do in Cricket or Football. Data of the Quality Level-I will be available within 15 minutes from the end of each quarter and the data of Quality Level-X will be available within 30 minutes from the end of each quarter.
  1. Season Schedule
  2. Team
      i) Name
      ii) Roster
            Player Name & Position
  3. Match
      i) Schedule
      ii) Venue
      iii) Teams
      iv) Team Points
      v) For each Player, per Quarter
              3-Point Shot Made
              Field Goal Made
              Free Throw Made

Pricing & Availability

For early access to the Roanuz Basketball API and details about the pricing, reach out to our support team!