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Get registered with Cricket API & create an app. Then attach the required plan to it. An app can have multiple plans. Plan grants access to app. Plans may expire over the time but not your app.

Roanuz cricket API offers Live Score & Stats API Plan, Fantasy API Plan, Performance API Plan, and Chatbot API Plan.

  • API Plan - Defines the access to cricket data for a specified duration or season.
  • Data Plan - Defines the access limitation for an app
  • Access key & Secret key - A unique keys for your application, which is generated by us. Please don't share it with others.
  • Device ID - An unique id per device or browser, provided by user.
  • Access token - An unique key provided by Cricket API, which expires in a a short time. To access any API, the access token is required.
  • Endpoint -
  • Current version - 2.0.3

Request and Response

All API are accessible via simple HTTP protocol. Access token is required for all APIs except auth api. Response is always in JSON even when if there is an error in request. Response always follows the same structure. API is only accessible via HTTPS protocol. All API response are always gzip encoded. Read Content-Type header in the response, before processing the content. Most library takes care of decoding gzip by default.


Our API supports Etag based caching. In all response, if a cache is applicable for the request, we will provide Etag via the response header. On requesting with a ETag, we will return 304 status if the data is not modified. Its beneficial for calling same API multiple times for the score update. Hence, it saves a bandwidth and it's not required to refresh the screen, if nothing is changed.

Learn more about ETag here Wiki ETag and Facebook ETag

True Support Center

Not sure, what plan to choose? Just get in touch us. We are committed to providing a solution to all cricket data requirements. Feel free to write your technical questions, to know about best practice and guidelines.

000-800-040-1803 (Indian Tollfree Number)

+1 (855) 2SPORT4 (US Tollfree Number)