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Season Team API

The season team stats API gives the stats of the required team for the overall season and also it will provide the season-wise stats data. In response, it will have the different data stats points of the raid, tackles, and team success rate and much more.


  • Path: https://rest.cricketapi.com/rest/v2/kabaddi/season/{SEASON_KEY}/team/{SEASON_TEAM_KEY}
  • Method: GET
  • Params:
    • access_token - Required.
  • URL Params:

    • SEASON_KEY: Key of the season
    • SEASON_TEAM_KEY: Key of the season team.

    Get the different season team key from Season API, and Match API


  • data.team - list of object.



$ GET https://rest.cricketapi.com/rest/v2/kabaddi/season/pkl_2017/team/pkl_2017_dab_delhi/?access_token=ACCESSTOKEN


    "Etag": "1526386427.0", 
    "cache_key": "kabaddi|season|pkl_2017|team|pkl_2017_dab_delhi", 
    "data": {
      "key": "dab_delhi", 
      "name": "DABANG DELHI K.C.", 
      "players": {
        "abo_maghsodiou": {
          "key": "abo_maghsodiou", 
          "name": "Abolfazi Maghsodiou", 
          "role": "raider", 
          "short_name": "Abolfazi"
        "ana_patil": {
          "key": "ana_patil", 
          "name": "Anand Patil", 
          "role": "raider", 
          "short_name": "Anand Patil"
        "baj_hodage": {
          "key": "baj_hodage", 
          "name": "Bajirao Hodage", 
          "role": "defender_right_cover", 
          "short_name": "Bajirao Hodage"
        "mer_sheykh": {
          "key": "mer_sheykh", 
          "name": "Meraj Sheykh", 
          "role": "all_rounder", 
          "short_name": "Meraj Sheykh"
        "nil_shinde": {
          "key": "nil_shinde", 
          "name": "Nilesh Shinde", 
          "role": "defender_right_corner", 
          "short_name": "Nilesh Shinde"
        "r_sriram": {
          "key": "r_sriram", 
          "name": "R.Sriram", 
          "role": "raider", 
          "short_name": "R.Sriram"
        "rav_dalal": {
          "key": "rav_dalal", 
          "name": "Ravi Dalal", 
          "role": "raider", 
          "short_name": "Ravi Dalal"
        "roh_baliyan": {
          "key": "roh_baliyan", 
          "name": "Rohit Baliyan", 
          "role": "raider", 
          "short_name": "Rohit Baliyan"
        "rup_tomar": {
          "key": "rup_tomar", 
          "name": "Rupesh Tomar", 
          "role": "all_rounder", 
          "short_name": "Rupesh Tomar"
        "s_chetan": {
          "key": "s_chetan", 
          "name": "Chetan S", 
          "role": "all_rounder", 
          "short_name": "Chetan"
        "satpal": {
          "key": "satpal", 
          "name": "Satpal", 
          "role": "defender_right_corner", 
          "short_name": "Satpal"
        "shu_ashok": {
          "key": "shu_ashok", 
          "name": "Shubham Ashok Palkar", 
          "role": "raider", 
          "short_name": "Ashok"
        "sunil_defender": {
          "key": "sunil_defender", 
          "name": "Sunil", 
          "role": "defender_left_corner", 
          "short_name": "Sunil"
        "sur_desai": {
          "key": "sur_desai", 
          "name": "Suraj Desai", 
          "role": "raider", 
          "short_name": "Suraj Desai"
        "sur_kumar": {
          "key": "sur_kumar", 
          "name": "Suresu Kumar", 
          "role": "raider", 
          "short_name": "Suresu"
        "swa_shinde": {
          "key": "swa_shinde", 
          "name": "Swapnil Shinde", 
          "role": "defender_right_cover", 
          "short_name": "Swapnil"
        "tap_pal": {
          "key": "tap_pal", 
          "name": "Tapas Pal", 
          "role": "all_rounder", 
          "short_name": "Tapas Pal"
        "tus_bhoir": {
          "key": "tus_bhoir", 
          "name": "Tushar Bhoir", 
          "role": "defender_right_cover", 
          "short_name": "Tushar"
        "vip_malik": {
          "key": "vip_malik", 
          "name": "Vipin Malik", 
          "role": "raider", 
          "short_name": "Vipin Malik"
        "vir_vishnu": {
          "key": "vir_vishnu", 
          "name": "Viraj Vishnu Landge", 
          "role": "defender_left_cover", 
          "short_name": "Viraj Vishnu"
        "vishal": {
          "key": "vishal", 
          "name": "Vishal", 
          "role": "all_rounder", 
          "short_name": "Vishal"
        "yatharth": {
          "key": "yatharth", 
          "name": "Yatharth", 
          "role": "all_rounder", 
          "short_name": "Yatharth"
      "season": {
        "key": "pkl_2017", 
        "name": "Pro Kabaddi 2017", 
        "short_name": "PK 17"
      "short_name": "DD"
    "expires": "1526386427.0", 
    "status": true, 
    "status_code": 200, 
    "version": "2.0.3"

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