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ChatBot Register API

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  • Path: https://rest.cricketapi.com/rest/v3/bot/register-user/
  • Method: POST
  • Params:

    • full_name - Required
    • email - Required
    • phone_number - Required
    • utc_offset - Required
    • gender - Required
    • access_token - Required


  • data.responses - Object. Object of bot response.



$ curl -X POST \
    -d "full_name=YOUR_NAME" \
    -d "email=YOUR_EMAIL" \
    -d "phone_number=1234567890" \
    -d "utc_offset=+19800" \
    -d "gender=female" \
    -d "access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN" \


{"data": {"user": "user"}, "status": "True", "status_code": 200, "version": "3.0.0"}

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