The Hundred

The Hundred - Newer, Hottest format of Cricket

Jul. 20, 2021

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Divya Gurunath

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Ajai Kannan

The game of cricket has undergone many evolutions from time-to-time to stay updated with the tastes and demands of the changing times. In the second half of the 20th century, test cricket gave way for One Day Internationals. Similarly, in the early years of the 21st century, the T20 format emerged as the shortest and the most entertaining format of the game. Since then, in the past 10 years, we’ve seen the birth of even shorter formats, such as the T10 and super-six formats. As these new formats keep evolving, they are supported by Roanuz Cricket API in a timely manner. However, the formats that emerged after the advent of T20 failed to garner as much attention as T20 did. In a bid to change this fate, the England and Wales Cricket Board has now come with a shorter version of the game, with many notable changes to the rules, called the Hundred. The Hundred is a professional franchise cricket tournament in which an innings consists of 100 balls. Roanuz Cricket API’s live Match APIs, Tournament APIs and Fantasy API already support The Hundred tournament. In the Hundred, which debuts in Britain on July 21, eight city-based women's and men's teams are set to compete in parallel tournaments over a five-week period every summer. The data for these two tournaments are made available through the tournament api with the keysc.season.hmc2021.19c81, which is the Hundred Men’s Competition, and c.season.hwc.56651, which is for the women's competition. International players and big names from across the world are set to take part in the competition every English summer. This year, the tournament begins on July 21. Every day schedules include both men’s and women’s matches, with double-headers happening occasionally. The first stage is planned to be of the round-robin format at the end of which the top-3 teams advance to the playoffs. The playoffs shall eventually be succeeded by the Final which is scheduled to take place on August 21, 2021. We are happy to announce that the Roanuz Cricket API has incorporated The Hundred Cricket format into our APIs on time. The new Cricket Format is now added to the formats object. We will be covering both the men’s & women’s tournaments of the Hundred under our MG101 coverage scheme. Roanuz Cricket API for The Hundred, gives reliable, fast & real-time live scores, lineups, schedule, squad, live team stats, live player stats, live series stats, points table, fantasy credits, and real-time fantasy match points via the V4 & V5 APIss. Roanuz Cricket API is constantly striving to reduce the developers effort of building the Cricket Fantasy Application from scratch by providing the ready-to-go fantasy API, livescores API, and stats API. Cricket API is easy to integrate, cost effective, and gives real-time cricket data. Roanuz Cricket API covers 400+ cricket leagues that happen around the world with promising cricket data quality. With the Roanuz Cricket API, it is possible for you to receive live scores & Fantasy match points updates via the push notification methods such as Webhook, Websocket and Firebase mediums. For customer fantasy points table please get in touch with Roanuz Support. Get the Cricket API for Hundred competition by using the following Tournament Keys:
  1. The Hundred Men’s Competition 2021: c.season.hmc2021.19c81
  2. The Hundred Women’s Competition 2021: c.season.hwc.56651
We have also decided to provide free integration support for those who wish to migrate to Roanuz Cricket API. Developers who have been wishing to migrate to Roanuz Cricket API can make use of this opportunity!
We are now happy to be the first-of-the-kind to launch GraphQL for cricket