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Step 1

Choose your plan

Roanuz Cricket API provides various plans to satisfy all kinds of application with good price. All the plans are divided into two kinds, Duration based and Season based.

  1. Duration based - access any match info for a specific duration.
  2. Season based - access any information of a specific season (series)

You can read and compare more different kinds of plans here - plans

Step 2

Complete app details

Now open your app from My Apps page. Fill missing informations to get the access token. Open app details page again, now you should be able to see access key and secret key in your app details page. Share these details with your developer.

Step 3

Access free matches and api

As soon you have generated invoice, you get free access to the few matches and season. Ref. Free APIs

                $ curl -X POST \
                  -d "access_key=YOURACCESSKEY" \
                  -d "secret_key=YOURSECRETKEY" \
                  -d "app_id=com.yourcompany.appname" \
                  -d "device_id=uniqueclientdeviceid" \

Above request will give you an access token which you need to access all apis. 'device_id' is unique id of the client device, and its generated on your side. Read more

 $ curl

Above request will give you the match detail. Learn more

Step 4

Make payment and activate

Now make your payment, you will get notification from us about the status and live access of your app.

Your plan duration starts only when you activate it, not when you buy it.

Once you received the notification from us, goto your app details page and activate the plan.

Well done !!!

Now tell us about your app. We will showcase your app on website and we will share in our social media network.

Not sure what to choose?

Not sure what to choose?
Hello, I am Rajeev from Roanuz Cricket API Dev Team. If you have any question, please feel free to ask me.
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