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A Chatbot is the fastest way to give users what they are looking for.
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A big leap in user engagement

People are no longer willing to spend time searching for answers. Thanks to the rise of AI chatbots, people can now get answers at their disposal. Chatbot API is a pioneer in the cricket entertainment space that lets you build conversational chatbots that provides answers for cricket questions.

A Conversational AI platform

The same question can be put forward in numerous ways. A good chatbot is one that picks up all such variations and provides the right answer. The Chatbot API is powered by state-of-the-art NLP techniques, thereby making it possible to have a seamless two-way conversation.

Accurate answers for statistical questions

“What’s the total runs scored by Mr X in Test cricket?” is a relatively easy question whereas “How many runs has Mr X scored against Team A?” requires much more effort to find the answer. With Chatbot API, you can get answers to both the questions in a matter of seconds.

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