IPL 2022

Zomato launches Prediction Game using Roanuz Cricket API

Apr. 8, 2022

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While the IPL fever has been rising everyday with unexpected twists and turns of teams winning matches, there is now a great engagement among the sports audience with a lot of curiosity in knowing players performance, match scores and winning teams. With all these happenings going on, Roanuz has been part of the IPL promotion of the well-established food delivery brand, Zomato, by providing data for predicting the winning teams in all the matches of IPL. This prediction which is trending as ZPL a.k.a Zomato Premier League is made with a prediction model that enables users to choose the team that would be likely to win in everyday’s IPL match. Thereby, if the users predict the right winning team, they will be rewarded with exciting coupons. This proud collaboration of Roanuz with Zomato for this year’s IPL, has been a remarkable effort in the milestones of success after being associated in the year 2019 with Zomato’s purchase of Roanuz Cricket API Live Score & Stats API for the IPL 2019. During 2019, over four million people have played ZPL in the first three weeks and have collectively saved around eight crores while ordering their favorite food. Over 60,000 predictions were made during the match between Mumbai Indians (MI) vs Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) on April 15th. A source also states that the majority are rooting for MI, and the Delhi NCR and that has made over 1 million predictions as the maximum. This year, Roanuz has been providing an extensive service to Zomato by supporting with the data to know the winner details and the live score along with the information on toss, player runs, winners details, points table, playing XI and stats for the match. The real-time and instant quality cricket data supports the customer to get the exact data for the questions that are framed.

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