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What is a Cricket Fantasy App and why should you build one?

Sep. 1, 2020

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Ajai Kannan

Evolution of Fantasy Sports

Back in the early 1600s, during the reign of King James I, the English people invented a new way of making money through betting. A group of people gathered together at horse racing events and put their money on horses. The person who had placed a bet on the winning horse acquired fortunes. Psychology professors in the 1960s extended this concept to Baseball, where a person pays a nominal entry fee and selects his team for a match. In the coming years, the idea would go on to make its way into a bunch of other sports such as Basketball, Football and Cricket. Today, the Fantasy sports market is a Billion dollar industry and is expected to grow by another 9.34Billion USD by 2024. One of the main differences between Betting and Fantasy is that unlike in horse betting, participating in Fantasy leagues requires skill and specific knowledge. Extensive coverage and data are available for Baseball, Basketball and similar sports which a person could analyse and make predictions before nominating his team.

Why Fantasy Cricket?

The Indian subcontinent is a significant market for fantasy cricket service providers. The Fantasy Cricket space has witnessed phenomenal growth in the past five years, and a few fantasy apps have risen to the levels of becoming Billion Dollar companies and even sponsoring tournaments such as the IPL! With nearly 100 million people regularly consuming Fantasy cricket content and the number of users of Fantasy Cricket Apps exponentially increasing, the opportunities this space provides for growth are huge. Whether you are a sports content company looking for new ways of generating revenue or a freelance programmer who wishes to earn a decent sum every month, building a Cricket Fantasy App should be in your radar!

How to build your Fantasy Cricket App?

So now that you are finally convinced and have decided to build a fantasy cricket app, it’s time to understand how these apps work from the behind. For every fantasy match that is played, you’d require two values for each athlete — the Fantasy Credit points and the Fantasy Match Points. Fantasy Credit Points is what it costs for a user to add a player to his team, and Fantasy Match Points is the points a player earns based on his performance in the match. Sports app developers usually adopt any one of the following strategies for getting the two values:
  1. Appoint a separate team to manually create credit values and award match points for every match, and for each player based on their overall stats & recent performances. In most cases, this is a difficult, tiresome and error-prone process.
  2. Focus only on building features and enhancing the user experience of the app and using readily available fantasy credit data provided by Sports analytics solution companies. This approach makes things much simpler for a developer.

Why Roanuz Cricket Fantasy API?

When it comes to analysing data and deriving insights, as in the case of deciding Fantasy credits and match points, it is always a better option to opt for utilising ready-made solutions and getting rid of redundancies from the app builder’s side. If someone out there already does a better job at things and makes your lives easier, why waste time on reinventing the wheel? Roanuz Sports, with the Fantasy API endpoints available in their Cricket API range of solutions, have been doing a commendable job at providing fantasy credit values for matches. They seem to have got sophisticated AI-enabled algorithms that generate and update credit values in real-time. Roanuz Sports was also the first company to coin the term “Cricket Fantasy API” and to build dedicated REST APIs for delivering Fantasy Credits and Points. Roanuz’s data is reliable, the data structure is simple, pricing is affordable, documentation is crisp, along with support for getting started, and integration. Roanuz Sports cover an enormous number of tournaments, from around the world, so you never have to worry about going through a dry season. This is exactly why over 75% of the current Fantasy Cricket Apps are powered by Roanuz Fantasy API, and why your app should be too! Apart from Fantasy APIs, Roanuz Sports also offers Live Score and Statistics APIs for building live scorecards, providing you with another option to keep your users engaged. Roanuz Cricket API also provides solutions like Chatbot API & Performance API, helping you build efficient applications. Check out Roanuz Fantasy API
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