Roanuz Cricket APIs: A Deep Dive into Match API

Sep. 27, 2023

Match API

Introduction to Roanuz Cricket API

What is Roanuz Cricket API?

Roanuz Cricket API is a versatile and comprehensive sports data and analytics platform that provides real-time cricket data. It serves as a valuable resource for cricket enthusiasts, developers, and businesses, offering a wide range of cricket-related information and interactive experiences. Example: Imagine you are a cricket app developer, and you want to offer live cricket scores, player statistics, and match data to your users. Roanuz Cricket API provides the data you need to create a dynamic and engaging cricket app.

Why Choose Roanuz Cricket API?

Advantages of Roanuz Cricket API

Roanuz Cricket API stands out for its ability to deliver real-time cricket data and interactive experiences. Let's break down the advantages to understand why it's a game-changer in the world of cricket. Customization Opportunities at Cricket API: Roanuz Cricket API offers tailored data solutions to meet your specific requirements. Whether you are building a fantasy sports platform or integrating cricket data into your business, Roanuz Cricket API adapts to your vision. Example: You want to create a fantasy cricket game with unique scoring rules. Roanuz Cricket API allows you to customize player points calculations to align with your fantasy game's rules. Real-time Engagement: In the fast-paced world of cricket, staying updated with live scores, match statistics, and player data is crucial. Roanuz Cricket API ensures that users stay engaged with instant updates on live matches, scores, and player statistics. Example: Your users can follow a live T20 match, receiving ball-by-ball updates, boundary notifications, and player performance statistics in real-time through your cricket app. Competitive Edge: Incorporating Roanuz Cricket API provides a competitive advantage. The accuracy and reliability of the data enhance the user experience, giving your application an edge over competitors. Example: Your sports app offers live match updates powered by Roanuz Cricket API, providing users with detailed data during a match, setting your app apart from others.

Roanuz Cricket API's Core Component: The Match API

Real-time Cricket Data: Meet the Match API

Match API Overview

The Match API is the heart of Roanuz Cricket API, offering a comprehensive view of cricket matches from start to finish. Here's what you can do with it: **How is Match API Used? ** Developers use it to create dedicated cricket match pages filled with details from the start to the end of a match. Example: You build a cricket website that provides a dedicated page for each match, displaying live scores, player statistics, and match highlights using the Match API. Why use our Match API? It provides faster updates than any other data provider in the industry, keeping users in the loop with live cricket action. Example: Your mobile app provides users with live ball-by-ball updates during a match, ensuring they receive real-time information.

What is Match API via Push?

Real-time Cricket Updates: The Magic of Match via Push

Match via Push takes real-time updates to the next level by automatically delivering all available data through the Match API as push messages. What is Match via Push? It's like having a personal cricket broadcaster, delivering updates straight to your doorstep. Example: Users receive push notifications with live scores, player statistics, and match highlights without actively checking the app. How is Match via Push Used? You can create complete cricket match pages, including toss details, live scores, and player details, without manual intervention. Example: Your website updates match pages in real-time, ensuring users always have access to the latest information. Why Use Match via Push? It simplifies real-time data delivery, making it effortless to keep users informed about every aspect of the match. Example: Your sports news platform ensures subscribers receive instant updates on match developments, enhancing their user experience.

What is in Cricket Match API?

In the exciting world of cricket, providing users with detailed and real-time data is crucial. Here, we'll explore various cricket data widgets and elements that can be integrated into your application, such as a Recent Balls widget, Current Player details, Player Partnership information, Fall of Wickets, and a Scorecard.

1. Recent Overs (for the mg100 metric group only)

What is it? A Recent Overs widget displays the outcomes of the balls bowled in the last 3 overs, providing users with a quick overview of the most recent action. How to Implement:
  1. Utilize the property from Roanuz Cricket API for the mg100 metric.
  2. This property contains three sub-arrays representing the most recently bowled overs. Each sub-array includes the over number and outcomes of the balls bowled in that over.
  3. Outcomes can be categorized as:
    • Runs: Denoted as 'rX,' where 'X' represents the number of runs scored.
    • Boundaries: 'b4' or 'b6' indicates a four or a six.
    • Extras: 'nb,' 'wd,' 'lb,' or 'b' stands for no-ball, wide, leg bye, and byes, respectively.
    • Wickets: 'w' signifies a wicket.
  4. Some deliveries may include a combination of these outcomes, such as a run-out in a no-ball delivery. Untitled This data keeps users updated on the most recent cricket action, including runs scored, boundaries hit, wickets taken, and extras conceded in the last 3 overs.

2. Current Player Details (for the mg100 metric group only)

What is it? The Current Player Details widget displays information about the current striker, non-striker, and bowler, including the number of runs scored, balls played, and wickets taken. How to Implement:
  1. Access data related to the current players and bowler with property from the Roanuz Cricket API for the mg100 metric.
  2. Display the following details:
    • Striker: Name, runs scored, balls played.
    • Non-striker: Name, runs scored, balls played.
    • Bowler: Name, balls bowled, wickets taken. Untitled This data provides users with essential information about the players currently on the field, ensuring they stay updated on the player statistics during the match.

3. Player Partnership Details (for the mg100 metric group only)

What is it? The Player Partnership Details widget shows the partnership between two players, including their names, runs scored, balls played, number of 4s and 6s, and the total partnership runs and run rate. How to Implement:
  1. Retrieve partnership details with the property from Roanuz Cricket API for the mg100 metric. You can find the innings key under innings order.
  2. Display the following information:
    • Player A: Name, runs scored, balls played, 4s, 6s.
    • Player B: Name, runs scored, balls played, 4s, 6s.
    • Total Partnership Runs.
    • Partnership Run Rate (RR).
Untitled This data allows users to track the progress of a partnership, emphasizing their contributions through runs scored and boundary hits.

4. Fall of Wickets (for the mg100 metric group only)

What is it? The Fall of Wickets widget provides details about the wickets that have fallen in the match, including the player's name, runs scored, wicket number, and the over and ball in which they got out. How to Implement:
  1. Retrieve Fall of Wickets Data: To implement the "Fall of Wickets" widget, use the Roanuz Cricket API. You need two key attributes:
    • It gives you the player's order in the fall of wicket sequence. You can find the innings key under innings order.
    • data.players.player_key.score.innings_index.batting.dismissal: This provides details about how the player got out and the team's score at that moment.
  2. Display the following information for each wicket:
    • Player Name.
    • Runs Scored.
    • Wicket Number.
    • Over and Ball. Untitled
This data helps users keep track of the players who have been dismissed and the circumstances of their dismissals, offering a comprehensive view of the match's progression.

5. Scorecard (for the mg100 metric group only)

What is it? A Scorecard widget provides a detailed view of the match's progress, including player names, player status, runs scored, balls played, dot balls, 4s, 6s, strike rate, extras, total team score, and the number of overs played in a match. How to Implement:
  1. Extract Scorecard Data from Roanuz Cricket API: Retrieve the necessary data from the Roanuz Cricket API. You will need two key attributes:
    • & These provide the batting and bowling lineups for both teams. You can find the innings key under innings order.
    • data.players.player_key.score.innings_index: This attribute gives you each player's score. Ensure you add the score attribute for every individual player in the lineup to retrieve their score.
  2. Display player-specific details, such as:
    • Player Name.
    • Player Status (e.g., playing, out).
    • Runs Scored.
    • Balls Played.
    • Dot Balls.
    • 4s.
    • 6s.
    • Strike Rate.
  3. Include information about the total team score and the overs played.
This widget offers users a comprehensive view of the match, presenting essential statistics for each player and the overall team performance. Untitled By implementing these cricket data widgets in your application, you can keep your users engaged and informed about the latest cricket action, player performances, and match developments. Whether you're building a cricket app, sports website, or fantasy cricket platform, these widgets enhance the user experience and make your application a go-to resource for cricket enthusiasts.

Key Match API Attributes in Roanuz Cricket API

Attribute Description
Key Match Key
Name Match Name
Team A Team A participating in the match
Team B Team B participating in the match
Venue Venue details
Tournament Tournament details
Status Match status (e.g., Scheduled, Live, Completed)
Play Match play details including Target, Result, Innings order, Partnership, Batting order, Bowling order, and Wicket order
Live Live match details such as Score, Required score, Recent overs
Players Player information including Name, Key, Seasonal role, Batting score, and Bowling score
Data Review Data review information, including Good to Close status to ensure data quality and accuracy
Metric Group Information Tournaments fall into three Metric Groups - MG100, MG100B, and MG101, categorized based on broadcast nature and metric availability. New tournaments are regularly added based on demand and broadcast availability.
This table provides a clear overview of the key attributes and information available in Roanuz Cricket API's Match API for cricket enthusiasts and developers. Click here to look at all of the attributes.

Data Delivery Options and Handling Cricket Scenarios

Data Delivery Options

Roanuz Cricket API offers flexible data delivery options tailored to your needs, including
  • HTTP Rest (Match API via Pull)
  • Webhook (Match API via Push)
  • WebSocket (Match API via Push)
  • Firebase (Match API via Push)
Example: You choose WebSocket to receive instant updates on live matches in your cricket app, ensuring users get real-time information without delays.

Using Match API for Real-life Cricket Scenarios

The world of cricket is filled with diverse scenarios, and the Match API is equipped to handle them all: Completed Match: It contains data values for all objects and properties, offering a comprehensive overview of a match. Example: You analyze the data of a completed T20 match, exploring the runs, wickets, and player performances that shaped the game. Live Match: During a live match, the data values constantly change based on the current scenario of the match. Example: Users track a live cricket match where the tension rises with every delivery. Upcoming Match: For an upcoming match, certain objects return null, making it ideal for preparing for the cricket action about to unfold. Example: Fans check the details of an upcoming match, such as team lineups and match location, to plan their day around the match schedule. Fetching Information of Recent Balls: Users can relive key moments, such as boundaries, wickets, and dot balls, by accessing the outcomes of the balls bowled in the last three overs. Example: Your cricket app features a "Recent Balls" widget that displays the outcomes of balls bowled in the last three overs, allowing fans to relive crucial moments.

Exploring Roanuz Cricket API's Versatility

Diverse Industries Catered by Cricket API

Roanuz Cricket API caters to a wide range of industries, making it a versatile and valuable tool for various sectors. Here are some examples of how Roanuz Cricket API has transformed different industries: Sports Apps: Roanuz Cricket API provides real-time cricket data to sports apps, enabling them to deliver live scores, player statistics, and match data to cricket enthusiasts. Example: Your sports app offers live scorecards, player profiles, and post-match analysis, all powered by Roanuz Cricket API, enhancing the user experience. Fantasy Sports Platforms: Fantasy sports platforms leverage Roanuz Cricket API to offer users real-time updates, personalized recommendations, and engaging challenges for fantasy cricket games. Example: Users of your fantasy cricket platform receive instant updates on player performances, allowing them to make informed choices when creating their fantasy teams. Banking and Finance: Roanuz Cricket API has been utilized by financial institutions to gamify banking experiences, encouraging users to save money based on cricket events. Example: A bank offers a savings account linked to cricket match outcomes, where users earn interest or rewards based on match results predicted using Roanuz Cricket API data. Voice-Assisted Technology: Integration with voice-enabled devices like Amazon Echo allows users to access live cricket data through voice commands. Example: Users can ask their voice-assisted device for the latest cricket scores, and the device retrieves real-time data from Roanuz Cricket API to provide accurate information. Food and Restaurant Industry: Restaurants and food delivery platforms have integrated Roanuz Cricket API to gamify food ordering, providing users with live cricket scores and predictions. Example: A restaurant offers discounts on food orders during specific cricket match events, and users receive match updates while ordering through the restaurant's app, creating an interactive dining experience.

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