Cricket Match Odds API

Cricket Betting Odds API - Prediction with the AI-powered APIs

Nov. 23, 2021

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Cricket Match Odds API - Prediction with the AI-powered APIs

Sports betting culture has been a trend not just for now but for many decades of practice, especially among enthusiastic sportspeople. Right from horse racing to many serious sports platforms, there has been the passion driven to predict the winners of a race or a match increasingly overwhelming each and every day now. However, various technologies emerge to help people in winning bets while imposing on their favourite teams, Cricket Betting has a separate fanbase in every trend of these many years of the sport, to predict and win how much ever the risk and outcome may be. We at Roanuz, are happy to launch the Cricket Match Odds API for supporting the developers in creating apps that can predict and reveal the probability for the teams to win in a match. As always, in the attempt of creating more convenience while the developers work on apps, the Cricket Match Odds APIs are easy to integrate, cost-effective and gives real-time cricket data via V5 APIs for Upcoming and Ongoing matches. With the Roanuz Cricket Match Odds API, you can now develop apps that provide data about a match with the values in decimal, fractional and percentage via REST API. The Cricket Match Odds API provide the data for both Upcoming and Ongoing matches but leaves with an error for a few exceptions. In the case of upcoming matches, the match is yet to be scheduled after 10 days, the response values and the data will be provided with an error DNA-404-2. Similarly, if any of the teams of an upcoming match is not yet announced, the response values and the data will be provided with an error DNA-404-2. For a completed match, the Cricket Match Odds API will not be providing the data but shows the error DNA-404-1 since the matches are already over. For customer support for Cricket Match Odds API, contact Roanuz support.

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