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Cricket Fantasy App Market Growth and Future

Feb. 9, 2018

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Divya Gurunath

Fantasy sports are an estimated €23 billion industry in the United States, with around 57 million fantasy sports players in the US and Canada. There may only be a small group of traditional players that play daily fantasy sports. However, Eilers Research shows that everyday games will generate almost €2.3 billion in entry fees this year and continue to grow 41% annually, thus reaching a striking €12.8 billion in 2020.

Amazing, Indian Fantasy Sports Growth

India has grown higher in the fantasy sports domain with the massive number of 7 million players associated with the field. This count includes a variety of sports like Hockey, kabaddi, cricket as well as football.
Concerning percentage, the growth rate ranges from 30 - 50% per year.
Estimated numbers predict that the country expects to reach some 50 million users in the next three years. In the digital era of internet, the trend of fantasy sports is growing tremendously along with the time.

Privilege of Fantasy Games

Fantasy Games compounded with Knowledge, Experience, Training, Attention, and Profundity. Fantasy Cricket secrete winning the heat. The potential of conquering gives self-confidence.
The feeling of victory paves a way to success in all aspects. So does the Fantasy Cricket App
Fantasy Cricket is communication between real scenario and virtual scenario. “We Pick What We Think” is a players principle. Developers predict the situation according to the real-time facts. Each innings is a chance, and each right pick gives us the money. We win or Fail; Cricket Cravers never stop loving the game. Despite which team win the match; No matter which country we belong too; We adore the best batter, Keeper, and a bowler.

Featured Fantasy Cricket App

Roanuz Cricket API help developers to fetch the factual data in a faster way. The crucial Challenge for the developers is to find the Accurate Data providers. Besides, Working with the real-time scores is essential. Fantasy app requires player performance report to rate the players. Thus, one who comprehend these challenges stays in the market. Hence, Roanuz Cricket API provides an Accurate, Cost Effective, Developer Friendly data.
In Fact, 75 % of the top Cricket Fantasy App build with the Roanuz Cricket API.
Mentioning the top Fantasy Apps; Based on Ranking to try : RCA= Built using Roanuz Cricket API Those Fantasizers deals with the top leagues all over the world as IPL, BBL, RAM SALM, NATWEST T20, CPLT20, PSL, BPL, MCL, SLPL, EPL & ICE T20. Despite the fact that cricket has more than 2.5 Billion followers, It lags behind innovative experiences. Aforementioned gave way to innovate the Roanuz Cricket API which builds its wicker with Ready to Go Dev kit for Cricket Live Score, Answers, Historical Statistics of Player & Team, and Players Performance Time Line.

Yes, Victory Thru Cricket API

The script and success of Fantasy Cricket App is data. Cricket API plays a significant casting to Fantasy Cricket App developers. Today’s leading data providers for Sports Analytics and Fantasy Sports are not flexible for fast-growing startup companies. The severer challenge for the Start-Ups is to find the quality Sports API and Cost Efficient Sports API providers in the market. Therefore Roanuz Cricket API provides them an Accurate, Cost Efficient and High-Quality interface. Roanuz Cricket API is one of the top 10 cricket data provider. 6 out of 10 top cricket fantasy app build using Roanuz Cricket API.
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