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The Ashes Test Match Series 2021

Nov. 29, 2021

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The grandeur Ashes series of this year starts on the 8th of December, 2021 and ends on the 18th of January, 2022 with the battle of test matches between Australia and England. As a traditional start, the Ashes series begins at Brisbane and winds up at Perth. This prestigious test match series is scheduled to happen at the stadiums of
  • Gabba, Brisbane
  • Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
  • MCG, Melbourne
  • SCG, Sydney
  • Optus Stadium, Perth
On the other hand, the tour matches are also scheduled between the same teams from 23rd of November to 12th of December. However, Australia holds a slender 33-32 lead in the overall Ashes series, it is much anticipated to know which team will be bagging the winning title this year.

Rounds & Teams

Get to know about the groups, rounds and players of the teams by using the Ashes Test Match API with tournament key: auseng_2021. The test matches are scheduled with a clash between the teams Australia and England with an orderly schedule of fixtures.
  • First Test from December 8th & continued till December 12th at the Gabba, Brisbane
  • Second Test from December 16th & continued till December 20th at the Adelaide Oval at Adelaide
  • Third Test from December 26th & continued till December 30th at the MCG, Melbourne
  • Fourth Test from January 5th & continued till January 9th at the SCG, Sydney
  • Final and Fifth Test from January 14th & continued till January at the Optus Stadium, Perth
The Roanuz Cricket API provides the historical team stats & player stats of the Ashes Test Match Series of 2021.

Schedule & Live Match scores

The Ashes Test Match Series of 2021 is announced to be slated with so many expectations not only among the teams that take part but also in the entire cricket vertical. Get the details of the Ashes Test Match series schedule, squad, venue & historical player stats published by the Roanuz Cricket API. The real-time Ashes Test Match live scores are delivered via HTTP Rest-API, Webhook, Websocket & Firebase.

Fantasy Credits & Fantasy Match Points

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