The T10 series of 2022

The 6ixty - T10 Tournament Series

The First Ever T10 Tournament Series of 2022

Aug. 23, 2022

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Introducing the new format in the tournament series, the very new 6ixty T10 series is announced by the Cricket West Indies and the Caribbean Premier League in 2022 as the first ever T10 edition involving both men’s and women’s teams. Commencing from 24th of August to 28th of August, the series is happening at the Warner Park Sporting Complex stadium in St. Kitts and Nevis. Competing with each other, this revolutionary 60-ball tournament series involves many of the best cricketers from around the world, for which, the popular cricket player Chris Gayle as tournament ambassador with the trophy named after him as “Universe Boss Trophy”. While every match go forward with a specific set of rules and formats, the 6ixty series will similarly have the notable rules -
  • Each batting team has six wickets and at the fall of the sixth wicket, the team will be out.
  • Each batting team has two PowerPlay overs. The team can unlock a third extra and a floating PowerPlay by hitting two sixes in the first 12 balls and can be taken at any time between overs 3-9.
  • The 30 balls bowled from one end before the action will switch to the other end for the final 30 balls.
  • The 30 balls will be delivered as 5 separate overs with a bowler restricted by not bowling more than 2 overs for the innings.
  • If teams do not bowl the respective overs within the allotted time, a member of the team is removed from the field for the final six balls.
  • Fans will decide and vote for the timing of a “Mystery Free Hit” because of which a batter cannot be dismissed by the bowler.

Rounds & Teams

With 6 teams participating in men’s and 3 teams participating in women’s, the tournament is scheduled with the men’s teams playing 3 matches wherein each match is played in league phase, and is then followed by the semifinal and the grand finale. On the other hand, the women’s teams are scheduled to play 4 matches by ending with the final mega finale. From this, a total of 12 games in mens’ and 7 games in women’s are prepped up to spark up this inaugural tournament series. Get to know about the groups, rounds and players of the teams by using the Men’s 6ixty T10 Season Key with cseasont6ty__e52a9 Also, access the data on the groups, rounds and players of the teams by using the Women’s 6ixty T10 Season Key with cseasont6tyw__72592 The teams that are all set to bag the trophy in the Men’s 6ixty T10 series of this year are
  • Barbados Royals
  • Guyana Amazon Warriors
  • Jamaica Tallawahs
  • St Kitts & Nevis Patriots
  • Saint Lucia Kings
  • Trinbago Knight Riders
Meanwhile, these are the three teams of Women’s 6ixty T10 series that are competing to win the grand trophy -
  • Barbados Royals
  • Guyana Amazon Warriors
  • Trinbago Knight Riders

Schedule & Live Match scores

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