11 Biggest Moments of KFC BBL 12th Edition

Nov. 20, 2023

Welcome to the action-packed journey of the KFC Big Bash League, where cricket's magic meets heart-stopping moments. BBL|12 left us on the edge of our seats, and as we relive those unforgettable moments, the excitement for BBL 13: 2023-24 is real. What tales will unfold in the upcoming season? The anticipation is building, promising another rollercoaster ride for cricket fans.

BBL 2023-24 Teams

The eight teams competing in BBL 2023-24 are:
  • Brisbane Heat
  • Melbourne Stars
  • Sydney Sixers
  • Melbourne Renegades
  • Adelaide Strikers
  • Perth Scorchers
  • Hobart Hurricanes
  • Sydney Thunder

11. BBL Starts with a Bang - Sydney Thunder Win by a By-Run

What Happened: Sydney Thunder kicked off the season with a bang, winning in a way that had everyone talking. Chris Green's aggressive charge set the tone, and the result was a thrilling victory without even scoring! Match: Sydney Thunder vs. Melbourne Stars svdlvxgr.jpg Image Source

10. Dooley, Brown, and Johnson Arrive

What Happened: Patty Dooley, Chris Brown, and Jhye Richardson made a grand entrance, showcasing their prowess with powerful sixes. Chris Brown's four sixes in a single over left the crowd in awe, setting the bar high for new players in BBL 13. Match: Melbourne Stars vs. Brisbane Heat r0_0_800_600_w1200_h678_fmax_720.jpg Image Source

9. Neser and Ellis Claim Hat-Trick

What Happened: Hat-tricks stole the spotlight last season. Michael Neser and Nathan Ellis displayed bowling dominance with remarkable hat-tricks, leaving a lasting impact on BBL|12. Will BBL 13 see more bowlers creating history with stunning hat-tricks? Matches: Melbourne Renegades vs. Brisbane Heat, Sydney Thunder vs. Hobart Hurricanes maxresdefault.jpg Image Source

8. Matt Renshaw's Last Ball Ramp Gets the Win

What Happened: The MCG witnessed cricket artistry as Matt Renshaw played a last-ball ramp shot, securing a dramatic victory for the Brisbane Heat. Can BBL 13 deliver equally breathtaking finishes? Match: Brisbane Heat vs. Melbourne Stars ef8a9c20-95f8-11ed-a9e7-1d109a29c8e4.webp Image Source

7. Two Stars Hit the Roof and Both Get Six

What Happened: Melbourne Stars' Joe Clarke took the cricket world by storm when, not once but twice, his powerful shots hit the closed roof of Docklands Stadium in Melbourne. The controversial sixes sparked debate among fans, slamming what they deemed a 'ridiculous and childish' rule. Match: Melbourne Stars vs. Melbourne Renegades clarkesix14012301.jpg Image Source

6. Matt Short's Record Chase Ton

What Happened: Matt Short etched his name in BBL history by scoring a remarkable century in a record chase, leading his team to victory in a thrilling contest. Can BBL 13 produce more epic centuries and nail-biting chases? Match: Adelaide Strikers vs. Hobart Hurricanes short050101.jpg Image Source

5. Scorchers Win Their Fifth Big Bash Crown

What Happened: The Perth Scorchers added another crown to their storied history, clinching their fifth Big Bash title. Heroes Hobson and Connolly played pivotal roles in this historic win. Will BBL 13 witness a sixth title for the Scorchers or a new champion rising? Match: Perth Scorchers vs. Brisbane Heat AFP_338H6VD.jpg Image Source

4. Sydney Thunder Bowled Out for 15 Runs

What Happened: Sydney Thunder faced a historic collapse, getting bowled out for a mere 15 runs. Wes Agar's brilliant bowling created a thunderous nightmare for their opponents. Will BBL 13 bring more surprises and historic moments? Match: Sydney Thunder vs. Adelaide Strikers H3SOU3LV7NBUDHM7R2JXX72QLA.jpg Image Source

3. Steve Smith's Back-to-Back 100s

What Happened: Steve Smith asserted his dominance with back-to-back centuries in consecutive matches. The Australian star's masterful batting treated fans to a spectacle of power and precision. Will BBL 13 see more superstars creating history? Matches: Sydney Sixers vs. Adelaide Strikers, Sydney Sixers vs. Sydney Thunder steve-smith-back-to-back-centuries-bbl_720.jpg Image Source

2. Michael Neser's Boundary Juggling Act

What Happened: Michael Neser displayed exceptional athleticism and fielding skills with a boundary juggling act, contributing to a crucial moment that emphasized the importance of fielding in T20 cricket. Can BBL 13's players showcase even more exceptional fielding skills? Match: Sydney Sixers vs. Brisbane Heat michael-neser-brisbane-heat-jan-2023-jpg_758x426_720.png

1. Adam Zampa's Unsuccessful Mankad

What Happened: A controversial moment took center stage as Adam Zampa attempted an unsuccessful Mankad. Zampa's hand going over the vertical sparked debates on fair play and ethics in cricket. Will BBL 13 bring more unpredictable moments and on-field drama? Match: Melbourne Stars vs. Melbourne Renegades 351890.6_720.png


As we relive the moments of BBL|12, the anticipation for BBL 13 builds. What stories, surprises, and unforgettable moments will this season bring? Stay tuned for cricketing drama! Excited for BBL 13? Subscribe to our Cricket API for real-time updates on every six, catch, and wicket. Big Bash League, Finest Awaits You!

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