Featured Tournaments Query Using GraphQL

Featured Tournaments Query Using GraphQL

Manually curated list of tournaments that are expected to create high demand. Official names, start dates, venues, host countries, organising cricket associations, details about the competitions and other essential information are available. The tournament key available in here can be used to access tournament related information from other queries. The ideal case of implementation would be the featured section of a sports website.
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Sample Query

Minimal Info - Use this sample query for accessing minimal info with keys, names and point systems on featured tournaments.

more scenarios

Here are some scenarios that you must consider while making query request

With Start Date & End DateHere's the query to access information with the start date and end date of featured tournaments to build a calendar for an overview of the featured tournaments.


A few snapshots of the Featured Tournaments Query in action under different scenarios that could help you in testing your app and understanding the responses in most cases.