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Pro Kabaddi API

Match info, Play by Play & Stats via HTTP rest api

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AI powered Facts, Stats and Answers API

Fastest data delivery ever

Handling 3 million requests per hour like a piece of cake

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Pro Kabaddi API

Access to all our API, priority support for faster data delivery. You never run out server requests. Data archive on demand. Best suit for enterprise and high precision score updates.

Free Requests:
  • 360,000 per Month
Match Access
  • All Live Matches
  • All matches from current month
  • All matches from previous 2 month and next month
Schedule Access
  • Current Month
  • Two Previous and Upcoming Month
API Access
Live Match, Play by Play, Schedule, Stats, League, Points Table

Get Started

To begin using Pro Kabaddi API, you just need to do two simple step. Procedure is same as every other famous API endpoints. Step one, Auth. Step two, access api data. Make sure you have created an application here and use those credential to auth. In the second step, use the response Auth Token to call any API. Access token expires every 24 hours.

Get Started | Match API Reference | Season API Reference

$curl-X POST\
-d"access_key = YOURACCESSKEY"\
-d"secret_key = YOURSECRETKEY"\
-d"app_id = com.yourcompany.appname"\

$GET /rest/v2/kabaddi/match/pkl_2017_g1/?access_token=ACCESSTOKEN

Not sure what to choose?

Not sure what to choose?
Hello, I am Rajesh from Roanuz Cricket API Dev Team. If you have any question, please feel free to ask me.
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