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This IPL, build a Sports App

The word IPL evokes so much of emotions in the minds of a billion Indians. It is a fine blend of entertainment, sports, thrill and even controversies making it a perfect recipe for them to relish. For the fans, it is a confluence of the best talents of the world at display, and for others it is a festival of sorts. You don’t care how much your opening batsman scores yet knowing who won the match would help. To briefly put it up, the IPL is a phenomenon that takes the country by storm.

While the whole country looked at the tournament as a source of entertainment, a small entrepreneurial bunch looked at it as an opportunity which could transform their lives. Having always been sponsored by large corporations, the 2020 edition for the first time had an Indian Unicorn as the title sponsor, with other homegrown unicorns being official partners. None of the three companies existed during the tournament’s inaugural season. It is a standing testament to the business and growth opportunities the IPL has always offered.

The Sports Entertainment market in India has in it a lot of untapped potential which the IPL exposes to the world on an annual basis. Though watching the games itself is a form of entertainment, there is still a lot of value left to be derived out of the games. For instance, not everyone can afford the time to watch a game from its start to finish. All they might be looking for might be occasional updates on their phones and a good write up about how the game was on the following day. A live score cricket app with daily blogs can be a life-saver for these people.

On the other hand, we have got the crazy fans of the sport who are seeking additional sources of excitement apart from the live broadcasts. Fantasy sports and Second screen apps are vigorously trying to serve this section of the crowd. The number of users onboarded by these apps each season has been on a steady rise, proving the tremendous growth opportunity the sector is yet to realise.

With the aid of recent technological advancements, any individual can now build a functioning app in about a week, and make the most of the business opportunity the IPL offers. If you are a startup that is into building apps, building one for the IPL should be on your radar! And if you already own and run a live cricket app, it is high time you consider breaking into the world of Fantasy Sports. With the risk involved being so minimal and the rewards you can reap out of it so humongous, the IPL is indeed a jackpot.

When starting to build a sports app, finding live & reliable sports data is an important task. With too many data providers out there, partnering with the right data provider for your app is a deal-breaker. A great sports data provider is one that provides high-quality data, instant updates and great server uptimes at an affordable price.

Roanuz Cricket API is arguably your safest bet when it comes to selecting a data provider. Their data is reliable, structured in a simple schema, and is available through traditional REST APIs that are incredibly simple to integrate with excellent documentation support. You can even get the live updates delivered automatically to your Firebase backend, Webhook URLs or WebSocket client. The best part about using Roanuz Cricket API is that you pay only for the amount of data you access.

Apart from Live Scores & Fantasy apps, you can also build analytics applications and chatbots out of the API endpoints available in Roanuz Cricket API. With the aid of Roanuz Virtual Sports, you can now even try the endpoints with your app before purchasing a license. Apart from cricket, Roanuz Sports also provides highly reliable data for Football and Kabaddi through our Football API and Kabaddi API solutions. Sign up and start building your app today!

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