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Cricket ChatBot API Plan

Roanuz Cricket Bot API offers a ready made solution for any business who wants to have A.I. cricket knowledge to their App, chatbot or voice assistant devices. Voice assistance and chatbot has already become a essential feature to include in every business and to improve the customer experience. To add voice assistant or chatbot interface to any business, challenge begins the training data. To build a A.I., it requires properly trained model and massive data about the topic. The Roanuz API is extremely easy to integrate to, has wide coverage of relevant information and very cost effective.

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Cricket chatbot API help to build A.I cricket-based conversational app like FaceBook messenger which is powered by NPL. It offers ready to go solution to create the chatbot, To give A.I knowledge to their app and to create a cricket-based voice assistance. By using chatbots and voice assistance, it is very efficient to build a cricket chatbot using texting/conversation app, tweeting and voice assistance.

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Below are the few examples of how the cricket chatbot works.! It is fascinating and fun-filled API.!

User: When Dhoni is playing again?

Bot: Tomorrow, against RCB at 4 pm

User: Tell me about Sharma

Bot: Which Sharma? I know following players with the same nameā€¦

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