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    Cricket Player Stats API

    This gives stats about a player for the specified league or board.

    • Fielding: Number of catches and Number of stumpings.
    • Batting: matches, runs, fours, sixes,strike_rate,etc.
    • Bowling: matches, balls, runs, strike_rate, strike_rate,etc.


    • Path: /rest/v2/player/{PLAYER_KEY}/league/{LEAGUE_OR_BOARD_KEY}/stats/
    • Method: GET
    • URL Params:
      • PLAYER_KEY - Required. Player key
      • LEAGUE_OR_BOARD_KEY - Required, Possible values - icc, ipl.
    • Params:
      • access_token - Required.


    • player.key - string. Player key
    • - string. Player Name
    • player.full_name - string. Player Full Name
    • player.card_name - string. Player Card name
    • player.batting_styles - string. Player Batting style
    • player.bowling_styles - string. Player Bowling style
    • - string. Player One Day Stats
    • player.stats.test - string. Player Test Stats
    • player.stats.t20 - string. Player T20 Stats
    • Stats Obj
    • stat.batting.matches - int. Player played Matches
    • stat.batting.runs - int. Player Scored Runs
    • stat.batting.balls - int. Player Faced Balls
    • stat.batting.innings - int. Player Played Innings
    • stat.batting.high_score - int. Player High Score
    • stat.batting.sixes - int. Player Scored Sixes
    • stat.batting.fours - int. Player Scored Fours
    • stat.batting.average - int. Player Average Score
    • stat.batting.strike_rate - float. Player Batting Strike Rate
    • stat.batting.fifties - int. Player Scored Fifties
    • stat.batting.hundreds - int. Player Scored Houndreds
    • stat.batting.not_outs - int. Player Not Outs Matches
    • stat.bowling.matches - int. Player played Matches
    • stat.bowling.runs - int. Player Given Runs
    • stat.bowling.wickets - int. Player taken wickets
    • stat.bowling.balls - int. Player Bowled balls
    • stat.bowling.innings - int. Player Played Innings
    • stat.bowling.average - int. Player Average given runs
    • stat.bowling.strike_rate - int. Player balls strike rate
    • stat.bowling.economy - int. Player bowling economy
    • stat.bowling.best_match - obj. Player best match
    • stat.bowling.best_match_bowling - str. Player best match
    • stat.bowling.best_innings - obj. Player best innings
    • stat.bowling.best_innings_bowling - str. Player best innings
    • stat.bowling.four_wickets - int. Player four wicket matches
    • stat.bowling.five_wickets - int. Player five wicket matches
    • stat.bowling.ten_wickets - int. Player ten wicket matches
    • stat.fielding.catches - int. Player Catches
    • stat.fielding.stumpings - int. Player Stumpings


    $ GET /rest/v2/player/r_ashwin/league/icc/stats/?access_token=ACCESSTOKEN

    {"status":true,"version":"2.0.3","status_code":200,"expires":"1457611840.0","Etag":"1457611840.0","cache_key":"player|r_ashwin|icc_stats","data":{"player":{"key":"r_ashwin","card_name":"R Ashwin","stats":{"test":{"last_match_key":"0","last_match_date":"2016-03-08T09:14+00:00","fielding":{"catches":13,"stumpings":0},"batting":{"sixes":10,"runs":1204,"balls":2026,"innings":48,"matches":32,"fours":134,"strike_rate":59.42,"hundreds":2,"high_score":124,"not_outs":10,"average":31.68,"fifties":6},"bowling":{"innings":59,"runs":4470,"balls":9224,"best_match":{"runs":85,"wickets":12},"four_wickets":6,"matches":32,"best_innings":{"runs":66,"wickets":7},"average":25.39,"strike_rate":52.4,"best_match_bowling":"12/85","ten_wickets":4,"best_innings_bowling":"7/66","five_wickets":16,"wickets":176,"economy":2.9}},"t20":{"last_match_key":"asiacup_2016_final","last_match_date":"2016-03-06T18:07+00:00","fielding":{"catches":38,"stumpings":0},"batting":{"sixes":8,"runs":418,"balls":374,"innings":54,"matches":174,"fours":41,"strike_rate":111.76,"hundreds":0,"high_score":46,"not_outs":23,"average":2.4,"fifties":0},"bowling":{"innings":171,"runs":4182,"balls":3754,"best_match":{"runs":8,"wickets":4},"four_wickets":3,"matches":174,"best_innings":{"runs":8,"wickets":4},"average":24.03,"strike_rate":111.4,"best_match_bowling":"4/8","ten_wickets":0,"best_innings_bowling":"4/8","five_wickets":0,"wickets":184,"economy":6.69}},"one-day":{"last_match_key":"0","last_match_date":"2016-03-08T09:14+00:00","fielding":{"catches":30,"stumpings":0},"batting":{"sixes":5,"runs":658,"balls":760,"innings":58,"matches":102,"fours":59,"strike_rate":86.57,"hundreds":0,"high_score":65,"not_outs":18,"average":16.45,"fifties":1},"bowling":{"innings":101,"runs":4507,"balls":5571,"best_match":{"runs":25,"wickets":4},"four_wickets":1,"matches":102,"best_innings":{"runs":25,"wickets":4},"average":31.73,"strike_rate":39.2,"best_match_bowling":"4/25","ten_wickets":0,"best_innings_bowling":"4/25","five_wickets":0,"wickets":142,"economy":4.85}}},"name":"Ravichandran Ashwin","bowling_styles":["Right-arm offbreak"],"full_name":"Ravichandran Ashwin","batting_styles":["Right-hand bat"]}}}

    Match API

    • With match API you will get,
    • Super fast live update for cricket score.
    • Toss information.
    • Playing 11.
    • Short description about the match with timing and venue details.
    • Alert for live matches.
    • Notification for fall of wickets.
    • Squad details with exclusive player photos.
    • Man of the match for completed matches.
    • Automatic ball by ball comments.

    Schedule API

    • Correct match start time in GMT
    • Country codes of participating teams with expanded country names
    • Venue details with stadium name, place and country.
    • Finely designed png flag images for all teams
    • Tiny description about the match schedule

    Season API

    • List of all matches in a season
    • List of all participating teams
    • Player info for all teams which contains player name,
    • Venue details with stadium name and place
    • Start date and time

    Stats API

    • Points table for all teams
    • Count for matches won, lost and tie
    • Net Run Rate for every teams
    • Points earned by a team
    • Overall tournament sixes, fours
    • Top four Runs, Wickets, Sixes, Fours, Boundaries,
    • Top four batsman, bowler, catches, bowlers boundaries