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Free APIs

Here are some free Season and Match keys for developers.

Development matches

Season key: dev_season_2014

Match key:

dev_season_2014_q1 - Canceled Match

dev_season_2014_q2 - Abandoned Match

dev_season_2014_q3 - Result Match

dev_season_2014_q4 - D/L Applied Match

dev_season_2014_q5 - Result Match

dev_season_2014_q6 - Revised over Match

dev_season_2014_q7 - Upcoming Match

dev_season_2014_q8 - Super over Match

dev_season_2014_q9 - Live Match

dev_season_2014_one-day_02 - Tied Match

Real matches

ODI Match: indwi_2018_one-day_01

T20 Match: icc_wwc_t20_2018_g1

Test Match: indwi_2018_test_01


For schedule, following month is free

key: 2013-05

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